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Ottoman occupation and Radak’s treason of Bobovac

For understanding oral and etiological tradition made on historical level it’s important to explain the following:
There were constant pretensions of Hungary and Turkey on Bosnia and Herzegovina because of its richness (lead, silver, precious textile etc.) which caused weakening of Vice-Roys and kings’ power. Because of that Hungarians were accusing native rulers for spreading the heresy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. That led to big arguments between the rulers. Conflicts used to happen in the family of the ruler, just like happened with Herzeg Stjepan Vukčić Kosača and his oldest son Vladislav in 1450.

All that lead to a shameful fall of, what was formerly known as powerful, Bosnian Empire (which extended to river Sava in the north, and to Herceg Novi and Ravni Kotari in the south, at the time when king Tvrtko was reigning 1353-1391)
Ottomans defeated Bosnia at the end of May in 1463, in only a week. Mehmed crossed rivers Drina and Bosnia without resistance, with an army counting 150 thousands of horsemen and attacked Bobovac. He had attacked Bobovac for a long time but couldn’t conquer it. Then the head of Bobovac Radič (Radak) takes a bribe and betrays his town and the whole country.

Radak’s treason of Bobovac

His treason is one of the most fatal treasons in the history, and stories about it are being told even today:
(oral tradition, story told by an old man in Bosnia)

Everybody knows how the king ended; he was betrayed by some archduke named Radak. That’s why there is a cliff, not far away from our church called Radak’s cliff. Under that cliff there is a spring, which is called Radak’s spring. The water was led to Bobovac using wooden drainpipes. That cliff got its name from the story about Radak’s treason which caused the fall of Bobovac. It wouldn’t have been conquered otherwise, since it was built on steep with strong walls and eleven towers. If there wasn’t for Radak and his betrayal, Bobovac wouldn’t ever be conquered. When he gave the keys to the Ottoman emperor he ordered to chop Radak’s head on the cliff that’s now called Radak’s cliff.

When the Turks got the key from Radak, he was captured. Radak had special request to drink water from the spring where he used to drink it often. Turks let him do that and then took him to the cliff where the water rises. They told him: If you betrayed your people, you’ll betray us too.
Then they chopped his head. Since then the spring is called Radak’s spring, and the cliff Radak’s cliff.



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