Objavio: danijela88 | Kolovoz 10, 2010

Customs for Christmas Eve and Christmas (Herzegovina)

The original text is in a dialect specific to Herzegovina, so this translation cannot be as good as that text. It was made only to bring our customs closer to the people who don’t know our language.

In the morning of the Christmas Eve master of the house would bring yule-log in front of the house. Then he would cut out a splinter from a yule-log and put it into the field. Every house used to have three yule-logs, which master of the house would bring into the house saying: “I wish you all happy Christmas Eve”, while one of the women would sprinkle him with wheat and holy water. He would put yule-logs on the hearth, two side by side and the third one over those two. Then he would cut one of them and sprinkled it with wine and that kind of wheat he wanted to have the most that year.
On the fire of that yule-logs people would put brick-kiln and Christmas sweet bread. The yule-log that was cut into before would be saved and they would put it on fire on the New Years Eve. The ashes of two yule-logs, which would be left to burn out, would be thrown into the field. Tomorrow morning people would go to the mass. After they would return, they would have lunch. The sweet bread would be put on the table first, then pot with wheat with three candles in it. The candle would be lighted with the fire from the yule-log and they would all say: “In a good time, in the name of Jesus, which lighted, it lighted, which went out, it went out. All of that in the name of Jesus, in a good time”
After the lunch candles would be put out with the piece of sweet bread dipped into the wine, with the words: “As the candle puts out, so let malice and enormity goes too“. That piece of bread would be given to the kids, so they don’t get sore throat, to the chicken so they give more eggs or to the sheep. It was believed that the one, who stands across the candle which turns out the first, would be the first one to die. After the lunch people used to visit their neighbours, to congratulate and enjoy together.



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