Objavio: danijela88 | Kolovoz 8, 2010

HKD Vrila, Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina

THE CROATIAN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION VRILA comes from parish Mostarski Gradac, Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Mostarski Gradac is on the east side of Mostarsko blato on the main road between Mostar and Široki Brijeg. People from six villages (Dobrič, Donji Gradac, Gornji Gradac, Gostuša, Grabova Draga and Provo) assembled into this association in the middle of the last century. The work of the association was stopped in the 90s because of the War of Independence, but in 1998 continued with its work.
Work of our association rests on big enthusiasm and effort of our members who act voluntary.
The association counts for about 120 members, who preserve cultural tradition of Croatian people in West Herzegovina. Within the association we have dancing, singing, instrumental and acting section.

Our association has been taking part on different culture manifestations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Hungary: Đakovački vezovi, Vinkovačke jeseni, Brodsko kolo, beauty pageant for miss Croatia in traditional costumes, International festival in Velika Gorica, Sinjska alka, Christmas concert in Ivanić-grad, Christmas concert in Sarajevo, Folklore festival in Pečuh, The folklore evenings in Široki Brijeg (Briješka zvona ), V, VI, VII, VIII, Days of European traditional heritage in Sarajevo etc.
As more and more people have been realizing the importance of preserving our traditional heritage the number of our members has been growing every year.

Description of costumes:
Men: Black vest made of ‘čoja’ decorated with ‘gajtan’, over a white shirt. Multi-color woven girdle (‘tkanica’) is around the waist, and blue pants (‘modrine’) under it.
On the feet they have footwear ‘opanci oputaši’ under which are white knitted wool socks to the knees.

Women: On the head they have burgundy ‘half cap’ decorated with silver coins and white shawl. White linen decorated dress. A necklace on their chest. Woven waist with clasps (‘pafte’). Decorated vest. Narrow woven rung with short fringes. Black wool socks with ‘terluci’ (ticking over socks). Footwear: ‘opanci oputaši’

Traditional instruments: bagpipes , fife (dvojnice), svirala, gusle
Traditional dances: trusa, taraban, kolanje, trojanac
Traditional songs: ganga (both women’s and men’s), bećarac, brojkavica (song consisting of enumeration), farewell song


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