Objavio: danijela88 | Kolovoz 7, 2010

Herzegovinian Rebellion!(historical tradition)

During the Herzegovinian Rebellion (1875-1878) consuls were trying to establish peace so they had invited leaders of the rebels in Mostar. However, the rebels didn’t want to come to Mostar since they where afraid that the Turks will capture them and then kill. The meeting was held in some other place where the leaders and their army were waiting for the consuls. When the consuls asked about the reasons of them bringing the whole army, they got the response that rebellions didn’t believe to anyone. Consuls warned them that the rebellion had not been justified because sultan had great power and he would crush their army. Rebellions answered: “Long-lasted suffering is justification for our rebellion (…). He has been torturing us for 500 years, and we are still alive, willing to spill the last drop of blood for the freedom”
The consuls respond that they would all die after they ate the bread they had been carrying in the bag. Then Mijo Ljuban, from Sjekoši, took the dirt in his hand, chewed it, swallowed it and said: “Here is God’s food which will always have”
It was said that English consul Holmes cried after that scene.



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